I am a professional jeweller and silversmith who trained in three-dimensional design. My designs take their inspiration from many sources, but natural imagery and form play an integral part. Often my jewellery is made using silver with 24 carat gold inclusions or 18 carat gold pieces,  although I also work in gold and platinum. 

I create a range of hand made jewellery including highland wear. I also design and makes larger pieces silverware. The traditional hand making techniques I use ensure every piece is entirely unique.  Throughout this site you can view a selection of my work including examples of previous commissions and also some more recent work.

Britannia Silver Beakers
Amethyst Pendant 9ct gold
Diamond/ silver/ 24 carat gold
silver/ 24 carat gold
Thistle cuff links

Next exhibition

Currently Exhibiting at The Aberdeen Artists Exhibition

Aberdeen Art Gallery 10th May- 22nd June 2014

Permanent Collection at:

Milton Of Crathes Gallery, Banchory

The Braemar Gallery, Braemar


Also Currently held at:

Aberdeen ArtGallery Shop

Mc Calls, Jewellers, Aberdeen

The wirren Gallery, Edzell


The beakers and bowls made in my work shop are all hand raised from flat discs usually using britannia silver sheet. This is a lengthy  process and allows time to contemplate a piece as it is being created. Form follows function for sliver ware, and the stakes used predict the out come of the hollow ware form. I normally work on two beakers or bowls at a time unless I work on a larger project. This sequence of photos shows a beaker in the making giving an insight to the many repetaive stages involved.

The jewellery I produce is all individually hand made by myself. Most designs are pierced from sterling silver sheet and have 24 carat gold pieces on the surface, this is not gold leaf, thicker pieces of gold is hammered and cut to be used in each design. Often silver rings will be 18 carat gold pieces instead due to the softness of the 24 carat the 18 carat is a harder metal.

Occassionally I will carve a design from wax and cast it if the design is a more complex form.

Star rubies, diamonds, rainbow moons stones, to name a few favourites. Stones both precious and semi-precious are chosen by me for their depth and clarity of colour, or their stormy intensity, or simply because they have a certain quality which will compliment my design. Clients can also choose their stone. All stones come from certified, trusted stone and diamond dealers.